Doubletapp hunts young professionals: summer paid internship for developers

Doubletapp hunts young professionals: summer paid internship for developers

Where to start a career in IT, if it is quite difficult to find a job without experience? Start with an internship. Ideally start with a paid internship. Doubletapp is just opening new applications.

Doubletapp hunts young professionals: summer paid internship for developers
Doubletapp hunts young professionals: summer paid internship for developers

Who are we looking for?

Doubletapp is looking for young promising developers and anyone who wants to be involved in the creation of digital products.

Areas for internships:

  • Frontend (ReactJs)
  • Backend (Python, Go)
  • iOS (Swift)
  • Android (Kotlin)
  • iOS + Android (Flutter)
  • Machine Learning
  • QA
  • Management
  • Design
  • PR

We are waiting for an internship who is ready to develop and gain new knowledge. We are looking for initiative, caring interns who are ready to become part of our team in the future. 

How is the internship going?

Three months of work and one mentor are allocated for the internship, who helps to go from intern to junior, as well as to adapt in the corporate environment and resolve issues of concern.

All interns at Doubletapp work on real projects and perform real tasks under the guidance of an experienced mentor. At the end of the internship, a review is held, during which the mentor voices the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate and helps to understand where to go next.

Students who successfully complete the internship receive a job offer. Many employees came to Doubletapp to gain experience, and then replenished the staff, becoming part of our large and friendly team. 

Why is it cool to work in Doubletapp?

Doubletapp is a global company, we work on products that are used by millions of people around the world. Doubletapp also provides full-cycle services for creating high-tech IT products, so we always have a huge number of interesting and diverse tasks. We have a decent salary and excellent working conditions. We love to learn new things and bring knowledge to the world. We are proud not only of our projects, but also of educational products: right now, our courses on Backend and Android development are being held at the Ural Federal University. 

We are a team. People are in the first place for us, each employee of the company contributes to the common cause. We comply with the regulations, but do not set rigid limits for employees and interns. 

«I want to work for you, but...»

If you are not confident in your abilities, but want to work in a cool IT company, then our courses on Backend and Android development, which can be taken absolutely free of charge, will help you 100%. Our teachers will set the necessary vector of development and help with overcoming barriers. As a result of the course, all graduates have the opportunity to get a paid internship at Doubletapp.

The number of internship places is limited. To apply, fill out the form here.

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