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Checklist-based mobile audit platform.

Project objective

CheckOffice is a service for automating checklists, identifying and eliminating violations in net companies of any size. Our task was to create an intuitively simple and clear native applications for iOS and Android to collect primary information and simplify the audit process. The ultimate goal is to monitor the dynamics of violations and control their elimination.


As a result, we created a mobile application that works offline and provides a full cycle of identifying and eliminating violations. Thanks to our convenient and simple interface, CheckOffice does not require special training for employees when using mobile applications.
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How it works?

The application allows you to assign checks in one click and fill out check lists. In the module for monitoring the implementation of tasks by employees there is a function of attaching “live photos” and audio files. In addition, the application records the start and end time of the audit, as well as the geolocation of employees, ensuring the transparency of audits. After the verification, the collected violations are formed into tasks to track their elimination.

Project team

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Customer review

«Our collaboration with Doubletapp began in 2018. We handed them the code of the mobile application for Android, which three freelancers had written before. They audited the current product, refactored, and wrote an iOS app. Since then, we have continuously developed CheckOffice together with Doubletapp: we upgrade our applications to the latest industry standards and add new functionality to it.»

Valentin Kolesov

CEO of CheckOffice

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