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Comprehensive product research: from design to code.

Why may you need it?

  • You just created a website / application and want to immediately make sure that the product is made with high quality and fulfills the tasks assigned to it.
  • You are about to enter the market in new regions and want to learn how to promote your product more effectively, taking into account the multi-regional nature.
  • Your site / application has a low conversion: advertising is on, but there are few calls and requests, I want to understand why and you need expert opinion to quickly identify the reason.
  • Your product lacks functionality for effective work with users and you want to understand what and how exactly needs to be implemented.
  • You are planning a product redesign. To do this correctly, you must initially understand its strengths and weaknesses.



  • Code correctness;
  • Download speed on different devices;
  • Correct display of pages in different browsers;
  • The presence of malicious code;
  • Compliance of the hosting with the necessary criteria;
  • The operation of the control system;
  • Data structures;
  • Server settings;
  • The correctness of the work of the site elements.


  • Resource architecture and ease of navigation;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • The sufficiency of functional elements and the understandability of their work;
  • Text and display content;
  • Convenience of dialogue elements;
  • Correct display of the site in any browsers with any screen settings;
  • Correspondence of the proposed information with the interests and needs of potential customers.
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    Is it necessarily to follow the recommendations of the audit?

    After the audit, we will provide you with a number of recommendations, both mandatory and desirable.
    Mandatory must be implemented - without them, optimization will be impossible or ineffective.
    As for the desirable ones, their name speaks for itself. However, their implementation will prevent errors and problems in the future.

    Are you doing an automatic audit or manual?

    We carry out a manual audit.
    None of the automatic audit services will be as meticulous as our specialists who work not only according to the algorithm, but also take into account new, not yet recorded recommendations.

    In what format will I receive the audit results?

    We can discuss the most convenient format for you on the shore.
    If you have no preferences, we will prepare for you a detailed and competent presentation with a detailed report and our recommendations.

    What kind of audit do you conduct?

    There are two types of audit -—technical and usability.

    Technical evaluates:

    • The validity of the code.
    • Download speed across devices.
    • The correctness of the display of pages in different browsers.
    • The presence of malicious code.
    • Hosting meets the required criteria.
    • Operation of the control system.
    • Data structures.
    • Server settings.
    • The correctness of the site elements.

    A usability audit looks at:

    • Resource architecture and navigation clarity.
    • Intuitively clear interface.
    • Sufficiency of functional elements and clarity of their work.
    • Text and media content.
    • Convenience of dialog elements.
    • The correctness of the site display in any browser at any screen settings;
    • Compliance of the offered information with the interests and needs of potential clients.

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