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Machine learning

We will optimize your business processes using machine learning techniques


1Data collection

We study the available data, collect new ones, organize data markup.


We study the data, come up with the first hypotheses, choose which models we will try.


We search for a mathematical function that will precisely perform the specified task. In other words, we train neural networks or another algorithm.


After the algorithm has shown itself well on training data, we evaluate its effectiveness on data that it has not encountered yet.


As a result, we optimize the model so that it works as quickly as possible during the inference.


We create a high-load system for the model to work, integrate with the data source and give the result to consumers in the right form.

Machine learning is algorithms for solving problems previously only subject to humans. We will train the computer to see, hear and understand, or find dependencies in such data, where even a human could not figure it out.

The essence of machine learning is that a computer analyzes a large amount of data and independently finds dependencies in them. For example, if you show him a lot of photos of cats and dogs, and tell him where is the cat and where is the dog, then as a result, the algorithm, seeing the new photo, will be able to tell what kind of animal is captured on it.

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Our experience

Hit Factor

HitFactor Shots Analysis — an application for practical shooting training.


Where does the labeled data come from?

If you do not have any data, we will discuss with you how to collect it. We can also organize data labeling.

How is data confidentiality ensured?

If your data cannot be given to third parties, we can decide how to anonymize the data. Thus, it will be possible to learn from data that will not contain personal information.

What can machine learning algorithms run on?

Depending on the task, they can be launched both on a server, which can be deployed in the cloud or stored on your own, and on user devices, for example, phones.

Everyone is talking about neural networks. How is this related to machine learning?

Neural networks are a type of machine learning. By their operating principle, they resemble the structure of the brain and better than other approaches solve problems that do not have a clear structure in the data, for example, processing images, sounds, texts.

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