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Web development

We build websites on any request: from landing pages to high-load services.



We write specifications for development, taking into account business processes, customer technologies and user’s needs.


We think it through and work out user’s scenarios, the logic of the project and make prototypes of all screens.


We develop a unique design for the corporate identity of the customer.


We write a clean, maintainable code. We set up a stable operation of the application / site.


We conduct testing. This ensures the functionality of the applications and websites and allows to fix any errors before the release of the program.


We monitor the stability of the application, update apps for new devices and versions of iOS and Android.

We develop websites with a focus on solving the problems of your business and the benefits for your customers.

To do this, we conduct competitor analysis, study the target audience, user behavior and develop interaction scenarios. We use the most advanced technologies and developments to ensure maximum quality and speed of work with a reasonable use of resources.
The volume of mobile traffic is growing every year, and we offer your customers a comfortable interaction with your product — an adaptive version for easy interaction with mobile devices.

In addition to the visible part of the sites, there is almost always a server part — a backend. Huge experience allows us to select effective tools for the implementation of your tasks. From a small portal with an admin panel to highly loaded servers with complex databases and management.

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Our experience

Ural Music Night

Website and mobile application for the music festival of Ekaterinburg.

Elixir Gallery

Online shop of branded clothing, footwear and accessories from world-famous designers


Can you draw a design for the website?

Yes. In order to do this you need to provide us with a logo, corporate identity, texts, examples of the websites you like. You can read more about this process on the page about design.

Do you make websites based on the finished design?

Yes, we can make the layout according to the finished design. For this task we will need the initial sources of the project. You can transfer them through services such as Figma and Zeplin, or send us a .sketch file with your design.

How is a domain name registered and who will own it?

A domain name is purchased from specialized domain name websites. If necessary, we can help you register a domain name: We create an account on your email, sign your phone number and buy a suitable domain name. The domain name is yours, we only help you register it.

Will I be able to make changes on the website later?

In the phase of discussing the Terms of Reference, we will make an agreement with you about the optimal scope of functions for changing the website we should offer in the administrator interface. After the development you will also receive the source code.

Where will the server with my site be located?

We will offer you various options of optimal server hosting in Russia, Europe and the USA. We will inform you about the law on personal data, GDPR and help you choose the best solution for your business. After your decision we will help you to rent a virtual server at the best price for your needs. The server will be registered on you.

What are frontend and backend?

The frontend is what is displayed and executed in the client's browser, and what the client sees. The backend is everything that runs on the server, not on the user's computer. The frontend, which runs in the client's browser, connects to the server to retrieve data and calculate complex operations.

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