We design attractive and user-friendly interfaces.



Communication with the client, through which we find out the essence of the product, its industry, competitors, target audience, tasks and problems of the segment.

2Search / analysis

Then we analyze the market, study the user in more detail, make up their portrait and user experience scenarios.


We create a plan for your website or application, form its structure and navigation. We draw markup of the main components.


Based on either the corporate identity of the customer, or on the compilation from designers, we form the design concept of the future project.


Only after the approval of the design concept and prototype, we start drawing all the interface screens.


If necessary, we create animations for the interface. We create videos demonstrating the behavior of elements.


After the final approval of the design, we prepare materials and instructions for the developers and transfer all the screens to a layout.

We do not create just a fancy wrapper for your product, we make a design for people! We approach each project with maximum involvement, study the target audience, user behavior, interaction scenarios. Only after the comprehensive analysis of the project we proceed to the creation of prototypes. Design forms the first impression of your product. Each of our projects is unique, attractive and easy to use. When ordering a design from us, you can be sure that it will be done professionally, in accordance with your wishes and corporate identity.

Used technologies

Customer Journey Map
Сценарии использования продукта
A/B - тестирование
User stories
Adobe photoshop / illustrator / xd
Графика / анимация
Adobe after effect
Adobe illustrator
Adobe premier

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Our experience

Ural Music Night

Website and mobile application for navigating the UMN festival.

Elixir Gallery

A tool for improving your skills in praktikal shooting.


Applications for learning foreign languages for the federal network of schools ALIBRA SCHOOL.


What determines the cost of design?
- Number of pages / screens in your project; - The quantity and complexity of the required functionality; - The need to create a design for one or two platforms.
How many design options do you provide?
At the first stage, we provide 2 alternative options for one page of the site / 4-5 screens of the mobile application. After confirmation, we continue to work with the selected option and work it out in accordance with the wishes of the customer.
How many edits are provided in the contract?
Under the contract, the project cost includes 3 stages of corrections: 1 - after creating prototypes of screens, 2 after draft drawing, 3 - after final render. Subsequent edits will be evaluated in excess of the established project cost, taking into account the hours worked.
In what format should edits be provided?
We do not have strict requirements. The most important thing is that they are as accessible and understandable as possible. Otherwise, we will spend more time working them out than was agreed in advance. Ideally, providing edits should be in a timely manner and without delay, whereas the form (illustration / text file or even video / audio message) is not important.
Can I order in your studio only the services of a designer, without development?
Sure. Any of our services is provided both in conjunction with the rest, or separately.
We have our own designer and ready-made layouts, can we use our materials?
Of course. In this case, the design part will be absent in the project contract. If you already have your own design, our studio can provide you with feedback and professional advice.
I don’t need a complete redesign, I just need to improve the current one, can you help?
First, we will need to evaluate the initial data of your project and estimate how simple it will be to work with. If we do not find difficulties, we will be happy to help. However, there may be a situation where drawing a new design is easier than redoing an existing one. In this case the improvement of your design will be financially unprofitable.


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