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iOS developer

We develop mobile apps for iOS and Android, make web services, engage in machine learning. Our goal is to solve customers' problems and meet the challenges of customers, from building business processes to releasing a working product.


Now we are expanding the iOS-development team and looking for a new person to the team.


Develop an app from scratch.

Mentoring of less experienced colleagues.

You're our candidate if

You've been developing iOS for two years or more.

You know Swift well.

You know Objective-C at least at the source reading level (and understanding the code you copy from Stack Overflow).

You can write simple queries on the SQL and generally work with the database.

You have experience in developing client-server applications.

You have experience with NSOperation, GCD and RxSwift.

You understand the principles of Clean Architecture, MVP and VIPER.

You know for what DI is being used, and you've worked with it through some DI framework.

You pay attention to small details in the development of applications: button reactions at click, availability of the progress of bars, etc.

You have experience in code review as part of pull requests.

You understand in what cases which data structures should be used, taking into account the computational complexity of their operations.


Knowledge of English.

Experience in mentoring.

Experience in offline-first applications with server synchronization.


Flexible work schedule.

The ability to work remotely from anywhere

A 24-hour office in the city centre.

Paid sick leave

Travel to profile conferences as a participant or speaker.

Training courses at our expense.

Skilled colleagues side by side and their vast experience.

Fruit, chocolate, coffee machine

Every year we go as a team on a mini-vacation or mega-corporate, for example, went to Turkey, Greece, the Caucasus.