Frontend React Developer Junior | Doubletapp

Frontend React Developer Junior

We develop mobile apps for iOS and Android, make web services, engage in machine learning. Our goal is to solve customers' problems and meet the challenges of customers, from building business processes to releasing a working product.


Now we are expanding the React-development team and looking for a new person to the team.


Participate in the development of current projects

You're our candidate if

Confident in HTML5 and CSS3

Heard about Sass / Less / PostCSS

Good command of Javascript (ES6 +)

Have experience with React applications (understanding the component lifecycle, Hooks, Contexts, HoC, renderProps)

Familiar with Redux or MobX (we love MobX more)

Know how to make adaptive layout (for mobile / tablet / desktop)

Have experience in creating an application with create-react-app

Familiar with Webpack (possibly Grunt / Gulp)

Know how to work with Git

Familiar with how the HTTP protocol works

Understand the back-end (starting a simple HTTP server, saving data from the client's request to the Database, reading data from the Database and sending a response to the client, modifying the data in the Database)


Experience with Figma / InVision / Zeplin

Experience in interacting with mobile development on React Native

Experience with Next.js and knowledge of SSR / SSG concepts

Kniowledge PHP / Node.js / Python

Experience using the CSS-in-JS approach

If you are familiar with TypeScript


Flexible work schedule

The ability to telework from anywhere.

A 24-hour office in the city centre.

Paid sick leave

Travel to profile conferences as a participant or speaker.

Training courses at our expense.

Skilled colleagues side by side and their vast experience.

Fruit, chocolate, coffee machine

Every year we go as a team on a mini-vacation or mega-corporate, for example, went to Turkey, Greece, the Caucasus.