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At the end of 2019, the organizers of the URAL MUSIC NIGHT festival turned to us with a new interesting task: to develop and implement a CRM system for managing the festival. CRM was needed to simplify and automate work with the artists of the festival and the stages where they perform. It was necessary to transfer all the processes that were carried out via mail, phone, instant messengers and Google Docks into a single system.


We spent 2 months studying all the processes of the festival organizers, finding out pains, bottlenecks, and interviews with employees with different roles. The result of the work was a detailed technical task with the solution of all the pains of the organizers, on the basis of which we developed a convenient and easy-to-use CRM system. The final solution automated and simplified the work with musicians, experts, scenes, timelines, tech riders, and more.

Thanks to our CRM system the organizers transitioned from the Stone Age to the Information Technology Age. The system saved hundreds of hours of life, thousands of nerve cells, and improved the quality of the festival.

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Convenient form for filing and tracking the status of the artist's application. Hints for each field and feedback from the organizers of the festival.


  • For artists, we have created a convenient application form for participation in the festival, with tips for each field, the ability to track the status of the application and receive feedback from the organizers. The system and the questionnaire are designed in such a way that the artist cannot send an incompletely completed questionnaire. This saves the organizers' time (only ready-made questionnaires come) and the artist (there is no need to fill out the questionnaire again in case of an error).
  • Experts edit scenes pages: fill in information about equipment, posters, upload photos of scenes, logos of partners, select genres and describe the musical concept of the scene.
  • For administrators, a convenient multi-stage system of moderation and proofreading of both artists' questionnaires and stage questionnaires, which are filled in by experts, was made.
  • All technical and household riders of artists, information on printing on stages, security, volunteers and T-shirts were aggregated in a convenient form on a separate page of the CRM system.
  • A system has also been developed that tracks the participation of one musician in different musical groups for this, so that it would be possible to resolve conflicts in the time of performance of their groups.

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Customer review

“Organizing any festival is not an easy task. But when you have more than 100 sites that work at the same time, the streams of information entering and leaving are simply off the charts. We realized that the very organization of the festival needs to be transferred to another, more professional level.

The idea of ​​a CRM system was long ago, but in a dream format: "It would be cool if ...". The guys from Doubletapp were able to make it a reality, save us thousands of hours of life and organize the 2020 festival in less than three weeks. "

Natalia Shmelkova

Festival leader

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